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Detour Lake Gold Mine – Conveyor balance

Location Ontario, Canada
Year of realization 2019
Project type OPEX

The Detour Lake Gold open pit mine produces over 650,000 ounces of gold annually. At this large volume, precise process control is critical. The customer reported an issue with the accuracy of the scale measurements on one of their main ore conveyors. Despite numerous calibrations and adjustments, the problem persisted

At the service of the second largest gold mine in Canada

TRINUM was commissioned to perform a detailed inspection of the conveyor and to identify possible causes for the scale’s lack of precision. Our experts found the following issues:

  • Insufficient conveyor structure rigidity
  • Presence of bolted joints in the structure, causing thermal expansion with the seasons
  • Belt misalignment due to an inadequate transition zone
  • Wrong type of idlers and alignment

After performing a finite element analysis of the conveyor structure, we devised an approach to rigidify the conveyor in the area where the scale is installed. We also designed the cargo area modification to address the belt alignment issue. Finally, we changed the precision idlers.

The customer carried out our recommendations in the fall of 2019 and the scale accuracy issue was finally resolved.