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Trinum Experts Program

This free inspection program includes a thorough assessment of your conveyor system, including the belts, cleaners, tracking, chutes, dust control and other components. Our technicians will investigate issues like carryback, mistracking, fugitive material, airborne dust and flow obstructions. We will deliver a comprehensive report showing areas of concern, required maintenance and recommended preventive steps to improve the conveyor’s performance and extend its service life. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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TRINUM provides owners and manufacturers of conveyor systems with expert technical support in operational diagnostics, design, maintenance and reliability.

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Since the founding of the Beryllium Group in 2015, and now under the new identity of TRINUM, our clients have achieved exceptional results.

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We believe that a lasting relationship with our customers requires knowledge transfer. At TRINUM, we share our expertise with our customers and offer them tools through articles, links and news on conveyor technology.