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Seleine Salt Mine – Belt Selection and Optimization

Location Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec
Year of realization 2019
Project type OPEX

Seleine mines, a division of K+S Windsor Salt Ltd, is Quebec’s only salt mine. Over 1,300,000 tons of salt are extracted annually from underground reserves at a depth of over 400 meters. Two of the main salt conveyors have been operating with steel reinforcement belts for several years. As the maintenance for this type of belt is both difficult and expensive, the client sought to modify the equipment to be able to operate with fabric type conveyor belts.

Extending the life of conveyor belts while minimizing maintenance costs

TRINUM performed a complete audit of the conveyors. We then analyzed the tension and geometry required for the belt changes. The following modifications were made to the conveyors’ configuration:

  • The two conveyors were joined to form a single conveyor.
  • One of the take-up could be eliminated as well as a drive, pulleys, etc.
  • The other gravity take-up was moved outward and its track was increased.
  • Driving power was increased.
  • Belt lifting problems at start-up were eliminated by correcting the conveyor bend radius.
  • We selected for a new fabric belt

The new configuration greatly reduced maintenance work, the quantity of spare parts, etc.